Tried HCP yet?

I ordered Aloo palak paratha from a popular roadside food joint in Mumbai. The thing with road side food joint is they take care of the ‘Physical Evidence’ in the service delivery quite nicely. You not only see dish coming into existence but also smell it. It becomes that much difficult to control your hunger pangs. In midst of all this was a happy customer who was about to pay the bill to the chef-cum-waiter-cum-manager-cum many such things. This happy customer was very kind-hearted and playful. Playing with a litter of puppies, she was feeding them too. Awww moment for her kindness but no for her hygiene.

I didn’t mind this until the point I saw her paying the bill with the same unwashed hands to the chef-cum-waiter-cum-manager. She took out the notes from her purse and made the payment to the chef. Our chef happily took the money and was back at making the parathas with unwashed hands. Hygiene gone for a toss!

This is just once instance how unhygienic cash payments can be.

solied notes


Soiled, tobacco stained notes full of germs are a norm in India. There are many such scenarios where we knowingly or unknowingly give and take Vitamin-G(erms) in the form of rupee notes.

Cashless payments are not only faster, convenient but cleaner too!

CitrusPay is powering cashless payments in India providing the best payment solutions both for merchants and consumers.

H – Hygienic
C – Cashless
P – Paratha and Payments

PS: I did not eat the paratha