Simplifying seller payouts the CitrusPay way

Tina is a salon owner in Mumbai’s Powai area. Many of her customers come from a very popular online booking site. But she isn’t happy with the marketplace business as payments come to her after a month’s delay. Other ‘sellers’ like Tina too face issues like delayed pay-out cycles from the marketplace business and often resort to turning away customers who come from these platforms. Both sellers as well as marketplaces are at a loss in this scenario.

Now let’s turn the tables. You run a marketplace business with multiple sellers. You are juggling between manual settlement to multiple sellers, charging commissions on a case-to-case basis and handling multiple pay-out cycles. Is handling payments taking away major chunk of your crucial time and not letting you concentrate on growing your business? Does adding more sellers mean adding more to your pay-out hassles?

How about a solution giving you full control of transaction settlements, refunds and commissions?

A simple, hassle-free on-boarding process for marketplace sellers, full flexibility with APIs and dashboard for analytics of the seller patterns?

SplitPay, the marketplace payment solution from CitrusPay, is equipped to handle transaction settlements to multiple sellers. It is an ideal payment solution for merchants running a marketplace model business with large number of sellers to pay-out to. What’s more, the commission is separately settled to the marketplace’s account. It is a fully API-based system that integrates seamlessly with your back-end engine, giving you full control on the transactions and pay-outs. So you still decide when to settle the sellers and how much commission is to be charged.

For the complete set of code snippets and other API details on SplitPay, please visit: