Secure payment gateway, anyone?

You’ve set up your business online and now comes one of the most important question in your mind. What online options should you give?  How secure is online payments? Should you ask consumers to save card details for faster payment checkout? Should you trust online payment solution providers? Well, don’t worry! It isn’t as scary as you think.

Using cards for online payments for your food, t-shirt, hotel or flight booking is safer than you think. May be even more secure than handing your card at a physical store. This is because online payment solution providers like CitrusPay take strong measures to keep the end consumer’s data secure while a person can easily lift your physical credit card or check account information and use it to make unauthorized purchases.

Major part of online transactions is done through secured payment gateways. One of the key goal of payment gateways is to secure information like consumers’ card numbers. In India, payment gateways follow PCIDSS Level 1 standards that prescribes high security protocols to safeguard merchants and consumers from fraudulent transactions. Card tokenisation, OAuth standards, secret key and signature generation are some steps that we take to ensure security. We also have an in house risk management system that monitors and alerts of fraudulent transactions.

While CitrusPay is very strict about following these security standards, off late some other payment companies have been caught on the wrong foot in terms of compliance. Recently, an article published (read here) shows how basic security aspects being neglected. Some companies promise you the most beautiful experience, lowest TDR/MSF, no setup fees etc. but priority must be given to the best payment technology, data security and fraud management systems. The decision in choosing a payment gateway should go much beyond just asking for the lowest rates. You wouldn’t want a payment gateway that hangs up on you or your customers at the time of making payment or the one which compromises secure data.

So when choosing a payment partner make sure you select someone as secure as CitrusPay.