Say yes to seamless payments

Rahul is a first time customer at your online fashion website and has selected a pair of jeans for buying. The moment he clicks on the checkout button; he is redirected to a third party page for completing the payment. The third party page looks completely different from the merchant page. Confusing this for a fraud, Rahul abandons his checkout by quitting the transaction.

Shopping cart abandonment is an increasing concern for many e-commerce companies. Lack of desired payment options, long payment process and confusing checkout being some of the reasons. An ideal solution to reducing shopping cart abandonment is to decrease the number of required steps in the checkout process.

CitrusPay constantly strives to improve the payment experience for the customer and reduce shopping cart abandonment caused by redirections and failed transactions. CitrusPay gives you full control on the payment checkout experience of your customer. This means you can design your own payment page and thereby reduce the number of hops in the payment process.

Say no to redirections! Seamless payments is now a reality. Our in-house metrics suggest that using Citrus.JS you can reduce drops-offs in the payment process by at least 15% and reduce the transaction time significantly.

While your customer enters card details on your website, no sensitive data touches your servers and the data is completely managed by CitrusPay. This means that you need not worry about PCIDSS certification. Card details entered can also be stored securely for a faster checkout next time. You may also integrate Citrus Wallet that gives the option to securely store card storage for express checkout.

In the unfortunate case of transaction failures, your customers can also re-attempt the transaction using the same or different payment method, thus significantly improving the transaction success rate and reducing cart abandonment.

Faster payment processing, transaction retry and fewer clicks!

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