digital payments

No Paper. No Worry. Go Digital!

It came in as a wrecking ball and we have the Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 currency notes banned in India. They are as good as paper now! We got your back. Save paper, save trees and now save your sanity by doing quick, easy and secure online payments. First things first, what is the whole story?

  • The 500 and 1000 currency notes no longer are valuable or legal to tender in India.
  • People can get these upto Rs. 4000/- exchanged at Banks and Post offices by showing a valid ID proof. Travellers can get the currency notes exchanged at the Airports.
  • The deadline to exchange the currency at all banks and post offices is 30th December 2016.
  • The step has been taken to eliminate the black money and fake currency lurking in the country and get people under the tax regime.

The best part of the story is that none of the new policies affect the cashless payments. The payments done online, through debit/credit cards, cheques, demand drafts are all going to continue as they are. Cashless payments through online payment services helps you as an end-user to save the hassle of managing cash. The online payment adds up to the convenience with saving time and effort on :

• Cash withdrawal
• Cash deposit
• Updating passbooks
• Keeping track of the cheque book
• Running low or out of cash
• Hassle of tendering change
• Carrying a heavy wallet
• Prone to fake currency or tatty unusable notes

Online payments solve each of that point and more! CitrusPay is powering payment solutions across all major mobile and web platforms. We have the highest level PCI-DSS (level 1) certification. That signifies each transaction, every data point, all other communication is done securely. Online payments provide multiple payment methods like payment through:

• Credit card
• Debit card
• Net banking
• Subscription based payments
• Pay using e-wallets
• Pay online on delivery

Not to forget online payments enable the users to enjoy various discounts, offers and cashbacks offered by companies. All that said, we can easily conclude – Choose Digital. Choose Convenience.