NiteFoodie – A growing start-up with the tastiest payment solution!

Archit Aggarwal, a newcomer to the corporate world, put in many extra office hours during his first job. This meant that he usually reached home late and finding food during the late night hours was a big task for him. Possible solutions to this included pre-ordering food, eating stale/leftover food or the worst, having nothing to eat. This coupled with not enjoying his job at that time pushed him to plunge into entrepreneurship along with his friend Vaibhav Singh.

Single working people, living alone, too tired to cook after a long day at work had a saviour for them, NiteFoodie.

We handled A – Z for NiteFoodie, right from distributing pamphlets to marketing, finance and operations”. In less than a year, the duo opened up three restaurants in Pune. Like every other start-up story, they too faced a downward trend. Losses, people management, inventory issues and difficulty in cash management proved too much of a headache for them.  They wanted technology to take over and brought in the tech co-founder Dipen Choudhary. Going online with an aggregator model seemed not only more profitable but also took away the headache of inventory management. NiteFoodie now went online, adding delivery of chips, coke, milk, over-the-counter medicines and much more. Its USP : no extra charge for delivering at late nights even for small orders.

They added a pretty elaborate menu catering to both vegetarians and non-vegetarian eaters. It saw a massive jump from when they started in September 2013. Within the first three – four months, NiteFoodie became profitable and had more listing than the big daddy’s of the industry. Having an online business meant giving online payments option to the consumers. That’s when they tied up with one of the popular wallet player and a FREE payment checkout solution provider.

But in a quest to find a more reliable payment partner with a full tech stack, NiteFoodie chose CitrusPay.

Their first hand experience of CitrusPay as payment gateway solution on other merchant’s platforms and positive recommendation by friends reinstated their choice. With CitrusPay, they could have the full spectrum of payment solutions. Link based payments, in-app payments & saved card under a single platform with a higher success rate and more security.

CitrusPay aims to help other start-ups in their growth story by maximizing their growth. CitrusPay has the most comprehensive payment gateway solution across web and mobile platforms, with easy integration.

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