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Move away from a redirect payment integration right now!

Have you integrated a payment gateway long back? Or are you in the decision making process and evaluating the various payment integration options? Ever stumbled upon the ‘redirect payment flow’ in which your customers get redirected to a payment solution provider’s payment page? Seemed like the best solution for you? But have you considered the drop in transactions which may happen due to the multiple redirections? What if you were to lose customers because of this drop in the transaction? Have a look at why you should not consider a redirect payment flow and instead move to a seamless (zero redirection) online payment solution:

  • Confusion – In a redirect payment flow enabled on your website, on clicking the Pay button your customers are redirected to a third party page (payment solution provider’s page). This page does not have the same branding as yours and the URL is also different. Chances of your customer getting confused here is quite high. In many cases, customers abandon the transaction here!
  • Complex flow – A redirect flow has a complex flow with multiple hops. Consider the following two payment flows:
  1. Your customer finally decides to buy your product. He clicks on the Buy button on your website, waits for the redirection to the third party page. Fill the payment form and card/net banking details and clicks on Pay button on the third party page, gets redirected to the bank’s 3D secure page for entering the One Time Password (OTP). Enters OTP, gets redirected to the third party page and then finally back to your website. Quite complicated & lengthy, isn’t it?
  2. Customer enters all the details on your website and clicks the Pay button. Enters the OTP and done! This is the Seamless payment flow, easy & simple, isn’t it? *You don’t need to be PCI DSS compliant as data is saved on our server.
  • Control over design – A poorly designed payment page can harm the number of conversions on your website. All your efforts in developing a well-designed website with your brand styles fails just when your customers see a third party payment page with different color and styles.

You spend a lot of time in winning your customer’s trust. Don’t let redirections in online payments hamper this trust and the number of conversions. A payment solution where you can customize the payment page according to your brand’s look and feels is the ideal solution for your business. Let your customers pay directly on your website, have a quick look at these two solutions that your online business needs right now:

Merchant hosted checkout (Citrus. JS) –

  • Completely customizable where merchant owns the code
  • Lets you design your own payment experience
  • Zero redirect payment flow, reduced drop-offs
  • PCI DSS compliance handled by CitrusPay
  • ‘Tokenisation’ to protect sensitive card data
  • Ideal for merchants with developer resource available at their end
  • In depth view on this solution with case study & code snippets in this article here

In Context Payments (ICP) –

  • Easy integration with a few lines of code provided by us
  • Fast payment checkout with No redirection from your website
  • Customizable according to your brand guidelines
  • Simple & Consistent responsive design across devices
  • Intelligent retry options incase of payment failure
  • Ideal for merchants with short go-to-market time
  • In depth cover age of this solution here

Be on top of your game in your business and let us handle the payments for you. Adopt higher conversions with lower clicks, SIGN UP now!