adopt digital payments

Living the Digital Life!

Demonetization is not as inconvenient as it looks. A normal evening it was for Sowmya. She headed home early from work just to relax and unwind in the evening. Switching through news channels, there came an announcement. Bam! The 500 and 1000 currency notes are being banned. Sowmya checked the wallet, there were a couple of 500 notes and a few more 100s. People were bustling to the ATMs to withdraw usable currency. In the coming few days, there continued to be long queues outside ATMs and banks to withdraw and exchange currency. Sowmya didn’t twitch an eyebrow with all that was happening around. As a normal week went by, the home-work-home travel was resolved by e-wallet. This also got her cashback.

The grocery shopping was done through online payment on her favourite online grocery shopping App.  During this week, Sowmya paid her phone bills online and made a trip to and from her home town on the bus ticket booked online. For the family function that she was attending, she bought an online gift card from a popular shopping site.

On the lazy weekend, Sowmya decided to order food from her favorite restaurant. She quickly found the restaurant on popular food ordering App and paid for her meal online through her net-banking account. Interestingly, while having to pay at the toll booth on the weekend road trip, she would have paid the toll online too. But the government has cancelled toll tax for the period. Then came the hard part when her room-mate friend fell sick and she had to buy medicines. Interestingly, the pharmacist sent her a payment link on SMS for making payment and delivered the medicines to their apartment.

The rent came due, it was easily settled through an IMPS transfer. Paying for shopping in the mall was easy by swiping her credit card on the POS terminal at the store. And that’s also how she paid for the dinner at the restaurant, and no she didn’t have the get up from her table… the mobile POS terminal did the magic!

With so many hustling in country’s transition phase, Sowmya is acing the weeks through digital payments. This way she also tracks her expenses better, even the smallest ones. You could also live out the phase as peacefully. Just go digital.