IndiaMART and CitrusPay: A Prolific Partnership of the largest online marketplace and the smoothest payment gateway

Since 1996, IndiaMART has made its way to the very top of the digital space. The ever-growing customer base and vast variety of offerings has led IndiaMART to become India’s largest online marketplace. In sync with their mission of ‘make doing businesses, easy’, the platform has empowered lakhs of businesses for over two decades and has connected them with over 3.3 Cr Buyers.

Buyers typically gain access to a wider marketplace with diverse portfolios of quality products to choose from and tap a one-stop-shop which caters to all their specific requirements, thereby helping them make well-informed choices.

Led by constant innovation and driven by technology, IndiaMART has brought about a drastic change in the functioning of SMEs. The platform has constantly thrived to give its customers the best-in-class services and has succeeded considerably in doing so. Payments, however, had been one of the pain points which raised a few concerns. Recently, IndiaMART found a reliable partner in CitrusPay. The 360 degree solution provider with In-app payments, linked based payments and saved card option along with high success rate and security.

“We got excited with the JS based integration because of quick response. But as we started integration, we came to know that we were the first ones to implement it. It was a rough road and IndiaMART and CitrusPay, together, made their products efficient.”

Since IndiaMART was the first customer to use the JS technology, it faced a few hurdles initially. Considering the amount of traffic on IndiaMART, only Net banking transactions were routed through CitrusPay initially. However, as soon as results started showing, IndiaMART eventually decided to rout all their online transactions through CitrusPay. With improved technology and better processes, the partnership aims to help the companies grow in a collaborative manner.

“The USP of Citrus PG is their super-fast routing, better success rate & best analytical admin panel.”