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In-Context Payments

Ever got worried by redirects upon clicking on ‘PAY’ button while making online payments? Do you want your customers to go through the same feeling when they make payment on your website? How about a solution which instills a sense of safety, is faster and super easy to integrate? Say goodbye to slow payment forms with ICP (In- Context Payment) – a ground-breaking feature that is crisp, simple & lightning fast. Add a “few lines” of Citrus-provided code on the payment page & voila, payments issue sorted! Here’s some reason why you will love ICP:

Love low failure rates?  

Our internal metrics shows that around 15% transactions are abandoned at bank or 3D secure page. In such cases consumers have to start checkout process. With ICP, consumer remains in context of payment always. Any system error, network errors or user driven errors gives consumer chance to retry seamlessly by landing back on ICP’s payment form without compromising current order. Thus no need to do the transaction process again, just start from where you left!

Love faster payment checkouts?

Consumers paying with saved cards have more than 90% conversion rates. Also, saving card details solves the hassle of entering card details every time your consumer wants to make the payment. ICP solves this by allowing consumers to save their card details securely during payment. Returning consumers’ card details will be automatically populated allowing secure 1 tap payments. What’s more is ICP is fully compliant with the highest security standard in the payments industry – PCIDSS.

Love responsive design?

ICP is built with highly optimized & responsive web design approach. It automatically adjusts checkout page for any device be it smartphones, tablets, desktop or laptops. This gives consumer a seamless payment experience and gives you the option to maintain your brand design & guidelines. You can customize the design, colour, theme easily through CitrusPay dashboard.

Love multiple payment modes?

ICP supports variety of payment methods like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Wallets, EMI and LazyPay. Once integrated, no separate code changes are required for supporting newer payment methods. Ease of adding multiple payment modes for you and convenience of choosing the desired payment mode for your consumers, all in one simple integration.

Love simple codes?

Nothing better that a few lines of coding solving a complex problem. You can have the best in payments powered by Citrus that works smoothly across platform. You’ll need to just add a few lines of JavaScript code and we’ll take care of the other complexities in payments system.

Integration of a payment solution and the transaction flow cannot be any simpler. You’ve got Love this with all the features mentioned above. So, if you are looking for a payment solution that’s easy, solves the problems of your buyers and involves minimum integration effort by you then ICP is just what you should be looking at.




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