Here’s how CitrusPay is the best payment solution for your Mobile App

India mobile subscriber base crossed over 1 billion in the last year with over 125 million smart phone users. A big chunk of these billion mobile subscribers will become smartphone users in the next couple of years which means that selling through mobile apps will be key for your business growth.

Best user experience, higher transaction success rates and a simple payment flow through apps are the key elements for the growth story of your business.

Is the standard web-view integration ruining your customer experience? Payment page taking too much time to load? Are you facing abandoned transactions due to poorly formatted bank 3D secure page? Is toggling between SMS inbox and your app for OTP a pain for your customers? If the answers to these questions is yes, then Citrus SDK is just the right payment solution for your mobile App.

How does CitrusPay SDK help?

A simple, seamless and friction-free payment experience is exactly what we aim to deliver. At the heart of CitrusPay SDK is this ability – “to create your own experience”. CitrusPay SDK reduces the number of redirects and thereby gives you faster transactions even on 2G speeds. What’s more, you can do all this without the hassle of going through PCIDSS or PADSS certification.

Auto OTP reader:

CitrusPay SDK is capable of automatically fetching and posting details of OTP from Bank SMS, thereby giving a truly one-tap payment experience to your customers. This feature improves transaction speed by reducing the hassle of manual entry of OTP.

CitrusPay SDK is powering in-app payments for wide range of businesses like airlines, food ordering, hyperlocal delivery, on-demand service providers, cab services and healthcare mobile apps to name a few. Checkout some of the implementations here:


For the code snippets and other API details on the Native Android SDK & iOS,  please visit:


  • Nitin 26 Feb

    So, I am writing a hybrid mobile app using ionic , which will run on iOS and Android. As it is a hybrid development , it uses only web technologies such as HTML5 and Java script. So, my question is would I be able to use your javascript kit in my hybrid app and be able to integrate the payment gateway in my iOS and Android apps? Thanks!

    • citruspay 26 Feb

      Hi Nitin,
      You can integrate using the javascript kit (merchant hosted checkout) in your hybrid app.

  • Muzaffar Shaikh 29 Jan

    Are there any charges if I want to transfer money from citrus wallet to my bank account

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