What is the best Payment Integration for your website?

When you try to integrate CitrusPay on your website, there are a few ways in which you can do it:

  1. A payment page on your website (Merchant hosted checkout) or
  2. A CitrusPay hosted Payment Page

The decision on what to integrate with depends a lot on what stage of business you are and the availability of developer bandwidth.

Merchant hosted checkout

This is an ideal solution when you have an in-house development team with some bandwidth on hand. You can design your own payment page and integrate with Citrus.JS to securely collect payments on your website. This makes the payment experience for your consumer that much more delightful and seamless. What’s more, no sensitive data touches your servers and the data is completely managed by CitrusPay. You need not worry about PCI-DSS certification, however, you will still need to have a SSL deployed on your payment page.

How does this work?

  1. Your customer clicks “checkout” on your website as is taken to the payment page on your website
  2. The customer enters his payment information
  3. After entering the payment information and clicking “Pay” the transaction is processed and in case of card transactions, the 3D Secure page is shown for second factor authentication.
  4. Your website displays the outcome of the transaction to the customer

Since the visual environment doesn’t change, instances of shopping cart abandonment is reduced. Our internal metrics shows that merchant hosted payment checkout reduce drops-offs by at least 15% and the time required to complete the payment significantly.

Citrus.JS provides seamless payment option, reduced drop-offs and the best user experience. 

If online payments is the last bit of your jigsaw puzzle and you have very limited manpower but having online payment option is a must for your business, then the simple CitrusPay hosted checkout solution is the answer.

CitrusPay hosted checkout

This is an easy-to-integrate way to start collecting payments enabling merchants to accept payments with minimum code changes. This is the easiest integration with responsive design supporting web and mobile browsers. It supports payment option for Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, EMI, Citrus Cash with solutions like Dynamic pricing, Subscription, Marketplace and much more.
How does this work?

  1. Customer clicks “PAY” on your website and is redirected to a CitrusPay hosted payment page.
  2. Customer enters his card details securely on the CitrusPay hosted payment page
  3. Success or failure message is displayed and the customer is taken back to your page or return url as set by you.

CitrusPay hosted checkout is reliable, easy to integrate, secure and fastest way to get started.

Either of the solution works very well, with CitrusPay but the type of solution suitable for you depends on kind of user experience you want to give to your consumers and resources you have.