CitrusPay powers The Complete Man; Know Why Raymond chose us for Online Payments?

“Raymond to enter e-commerce, launches online store” read news articles back in October 2014. At that time, it was viewed as a step forward to capture e- tailing market which is set to reach USD 32 billion by 2020. Going offline to online, meant expansion to newer markets, increase in visibility and availability of its products. The online retail initiative aimed at taking the Raymond experience to the next level, giving its loyal customers access to all of Raymond’s offerings, from the comfort of their homes. Textile, apparel brands, home furnishing or accessories – consumers now had a new option to see and purchase from the one-stop platform.

Circa 2016, Raymond has launched five individual e-commerce enabled brand websites of RaymondNext, ColorPlus, Park Avenue, Parx and Raymond MadeToMeasure with a common shopping cart. According to Bhumish Sheth from the e-commerce team @ Raymond, growth is not a one-day process but the response has been good so far and it is only going up. Understanding its customer’s online behaviour and making the customers aware of the Omni-channel presence of the 90-year old fabric maker is a challenge that they love to solve.

One of the most crucial aspect of any online business is that of collecting payments. Choosing the best online payment solution, type of integration, tech and operations issue are just some of the things that need to be considered before going live with any payment gateway solution provider. That is exactly where CitrusPay comes into picture for Raymond, powering online payments for them.  CitrusPay solved the operations and account issues for Raymond coupled with a simple payment flow. Bhumish says:

“CitrusPay has made the payment process easier for our online buyers, leading to a better payment experience and improving conversions for us”