CitrusPay offices come ALIVE this Holi!

“Sometimes it takes some amount of pushing for us adults to become child-like again. Bringing out the child in you, not only helps you de-stress but it also brings out aspects of your creative side that you didn’t even realize existed.” says Priyanka from our Analytics team.

During Holi this year, we gave our employees outlined sheets of paper, colour pencils, sketch pens and magic broke out in our offices. After just a little resistance, we had a bunch of employees across all our locations getting addicted to colouring.

It was a beautiful way to enter the new season and truly a time of laughter & joy!


That’s just a sneak-peak into the kind of company we are building here at CitrusPay. We are creating an environment where we want you to feel like a child bubbling with energy and ideas every day. Where you are not afraid to take risks and you enjoy the ride at every point.

If you’re looking to work on cutting edge technologies, if you are the kind of person who likes to solve problems for your clients rather than force a product down their throats, if you are the kind of person who can always see the larger picture and the impact of your work on the company’s growth, if you are the kind of designer who always wants to ‘wow’ your users and if you are the kind of executive who always wants your customers to be happy, then CitrusPay is a great place for you to be!

We’re an employee first company and will always go that extra mile to make a day in your life here a happy one!