citruspay employees in phuket

#CitrusInGoa to #CitrusInPhuket, what a year it has been!

From our acquisition, to the press all over us, to three days in Phuket, it was one of the most exciting weeks for us at Citrus, India’s fastest growing Fintech innovators.


When word got out that change was coming our way, our MDs Jitendra Gupta and Amrish Rau promised the employees of Citrus that they were going to give us the best party we have experienced.

There was wind about an international trip and close to 40 employees applied for their passports and received it within a week. In no time, Phuket was confirmed and the madness began. Employees were promised that even if they receive their passports 4 hours before the flight, the company would take them along. The final number of travellers was 270 which included 6 ex-employees and 4 babies!

From applying for VISAs to booking flight tickets to finally landing up in Phuket, the company really came together in that one week to make sure that every little detail of the trip was taken care of.


Since we are now spread across 5 different locations, one can never really see how much Citrus has grown in the last 5 years. The objective of the trip was just to celebrate together and so we did. We had the biggest party Citrus has ever had, in Phuket, where we finally saw what the entire company looked like under one roof. A heart felt address by our MDs set the mood for the party and our DJ from Bangkok took it to the next level.

It was a fully paid for trip where employees were free to do whatever they wanted, so our time in Phuket involved water sports at Coral island & Patong beach, swimming at Khatu beach, playing with tigers at Tiger Kingdom, scuba diving at Phi Phi island, shopping at Jung Ceylon and lots of partying at Soi Bangla!


Every employee left Phuket with hearts filled with gratitude for one of the best experiences, almost 50% of whom were traveling abroad for the very first time in their lives. This was truly a trip that will be etched in our memories for a very long time.