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Online shopping can be a big hassle for buyers. Consider a case of a food ordering app user where the buyer is super hungry. He has taken the effort to make the order online and is now on the payment page. Although he is a regular user, he is required to enter his card details every time he is ordering. This means that he has to either remember his card details or keep his card handy whenever he makes an online purchase. Repetitive data entry for cards and CVV is one of the biggest pain point in online payments.

Let’s look at some more pain points:

Unnecessary redirections – Upon clicking on the PAY button, customers are redirected to the third party payment page. All efforts of merchants towards branding styles, user flows in the app goes for a toss as the third party page may be completely different from your website. The payment processing too takes longer time here and the user experience goes for a toss.

Login action – Repeated login, first for the merchant and then at the time of payment via wallet requires more effort and time. This could be a major turnoff for your customers who do not remember their wallet’s login details.

3D Secure page – Entering the bank SMS OTP is a critical step for completing online payments. Poorly formatted bank pages leads to repetitive data entries, clicking at the wrong places or not being able to view the right place to enter the OTP. Imagine how disastrous it could be to lose your customer at this point.



User Interface – For companies juggling between resources to offer the best product/service to its customers, building a beautiful payment experience may be a last priority. However, poor payment experience is what often leads to customer dissatisfaction.

At Citrus, we aim to provide solutions to these and many more pain points that customers face while purchasing through your app. Here’s how Citrus Wallet fulfills your customer’s need of Simple payment flow, lesser inputs, faster payment processing and a beautiful payment experience:

Saved Cards – In order to tackle the problem of entering card data again & again, use Save card functionality. This reduces the effort required to complete the payment considerably. Not only are saved cards faster, it is safer as well.



One Tap Payment through Wallet – Citrus Wallet implementation ensure super-fast payment processing with the best user experience.  Overcome the hassle of typing in a 16-digit credit/debit card, entering CVV number every time they shop online. Customer’s can pay with Citrus Cash and complete the transaction in less time. This considerably helps in reducing shopping cart abandonment.



NITRO – An average person has to remember spouse’s birthday, anniversaries, IT return dates and many more things. We believe in simplifying payments. To ensure that the consumer doesn’t have to login again & again for their wallet, Citrus provides a functionality to extend the session by 42 days whenever your customer transacts.



Auto OTP reader – In order to ease the entry of 3d secure OTP, the Android SDK provides an ability to auto read the OTP overcoming the hassle of manual entry.

5. Click on 'Send OTP'

6. Request for OTP is being processed

7. OTP is fetched

Instant Refunds now a reality

Merchants can use the Citrus wallet to process instant refunds for their customer.  Since refunds to customers in their source account (either bank or card account) can typically take up to 7-10 days to be processed, instant refunds become a powerful tool for you to increase customer gratification.

Case Study: Zoomcar & TinyOwl

  • Zoomcar is a self-drive car rental company headquartered in Bangalore. Zoomcar needed to streamline its refunds to customers, and uses Citrus Cash to process the same. While the user can make a payment for booking a car through any payment mode, refunds are processed only in Citrus Cash. This helps Zoomcar cut down on the number of days required to refund the customer (refunds are processed within 3 days as compared to 7-10 working days for refund to source)
  • TinyOwl is able to process instant refunds to its customers in case any of its restaurant partners are unable to fulfil the customer’s orders. This helps customers get their funds back instantly, that helps increase customer delight and also helps them utilize funds for subsequent orders on the app.


  • Arjun 18 Feb

    Hi Team,

    I’m an owner of an E commerce site, which is successfully running in Poland, Indonesia and many more. I’m planning to launch my business in India as-well. For which I need to have a India specific payment gateway. Can you please answer below queries for me:

    1. Steps to integrate the gateway to my website, so that the transaction will be done in Indian Rupees
    2. Cost and % of your charges in detail
    3. Payment proceedure

    Awaiting your reply.


  • citruspay 18 Feb

    Hi Arjun,

    Prashant from our team will connect with you on this with the details.

  • Aru 19 Apr

    Hi, I am looking for integration of a payment gateway to our website. Please answer below queries for me.
    – Steps to integrate the gateway to our website
    – Whether multiple websites can be integrated through a single account?
    – Setup cost, AMC and TDR rates

  • citruspay 19 Apr

    Thanks for writing to us! Prashant from our team will get in touch with you shortly.’

  • Md Mustakim Ansari 23 May

    any helpline no?

  • Amit Sharma 08 Feb

    I am integrating this sdk .and i want to access credit/debit,netbanking services and i am using these steps which is provided on below link
    and i don’t have requestSignature,dpSignature key please provide me the link where i get from this.

    my billing url is :

    String billing_URL=””+

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