Citrus.JS – Merchant hosted checkout

What is this?

The change in visual environment upon redirections can confuse the customer, leading to greater instances of shopping cart abandonment. Here’s a solution form CitrusPay which gives your customers seamless payment option at your webpage with full control of visual design and branding of checkout page. Make the payment experience for your consumer that much delightful. Say no to redirections!

Key Features

  • Seamless Integration
  • Supports all payment modes
  • No redirections, reduce drop-offs significantly
  • Integrates with leading shopping cart providers
  • Payment page is managed and customized by the merchant

How does it help?

The .JS backbone product is a unified client-side Javascript and server-side API checkout product offered to merchants to let them

  • Customize the design of the webpage and have control of the buttons placed on the payment page.
  • Reduce number of steps and time required to complete the payment.
  • Collect sensitive payment information on their webpage and let CitrusPay handle the information without the need for PCI-DSS certification
  • We protect sensitive cardholder data in the form of tokens that ensures that none of the sensitive card information actually touches your server leaving you the worry of compliance.

Steps to use this?

  1. Your customer clicks “checkout” on your website
  2. The merchant hosted secure payment page is displayed for the customer to enter their payment information
  3. After entering the payment information and clicking “Pay” the transaction is processed at your website payment page itself without re-directions
  4. Your website displays the outcome of the transaction to the customer

Case study of a merchant

Merchants can accept payments in real time. Our internal metrics shows that merchant hosted payment checkout reduce drops-offs by at least 15% and the time required to complete the payment significantly.

You can control the visual environment where the payment page looks similar to the merchant page. Helps the merchant to maintain look and feel of the brand even at the checkout page.

Merchant has control to provide multiple payment mode to the customer. Add Citrus Wallet option in the payment mode for super quick payment checkout experience for new and returning customers. Faster payment processing and fewer clicks!


Saved Cards

Speed up the payment processing for your returning customers with saved cards option. Let CitrusPay handle the card information for you so that you need not worry about PCI-DSS certification. We use Tokenisation technique for protecting sensitive cardholder data in the form of tokens that ensures that none of the sensitive card information actually touches your server leaving you the worry of compliance.


Code snippets

For the code snippets on Citrus.js and other technical details, please visit:


  • Shantanu Thakre 01 Feb

    Citrus.JS (merchant hosted ) integration gives you full control on how to design the payment checkout page without worry of PCI-DSS certification. One important point to note here is one must do Citrus.JS integration on HTTPS site for better security from hackers. For all other payment related security will take care by Citrus , as Citrus use industry best standards to secure your request from tampering. 🙂

    • Snehal Dahikar 25 Jan

      can i used that js for web API

      • citruspay 30 Jan

        Hi Snehal,

        You can use CitrusJS on your website for collecting payments. For mobile apps, you can use our SDKs.

  • Angad 18 May

    does this function work on the magento extn?

    • citruspay 23 May

      Hi there. Currently, this does not work on third party plugins.

  • vishal 08 Nov

    Hi there, for ICP also citrus.js is used? Any resource where i can get information on how to implement ICP with JS

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