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Are you in between deciding payment checkout options? We could help you decide.

Web Checkouts:

Need a quick, super easy integration? The Citrus Hosted Checkout is your answer. 

The fastest method to implement Citrus Payment checkout  on your website. The Citrus Hosted checkout redirects to the Citrus Payment checkout page, when the Pay Now button is clicked. All the developer needs to do is implement a payment request and payment response page. It has numerous plus points to it –

  • Super easy and quick integration
  • Optimized to load even on slow connections
  • Enables running offers like discounts, coupons, cash backs
  • Enables recurring payments
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies

The payment request and response is secured using the HMAC signature. The signature is responsible to verify if the origin of payment request is authentic and there is no spoof in between the transaction network. There is a unique HMAC signature created for every transaction request and response.

The cards are saved using tokenization. That is every card detail is saved as a token in the database. We use JUnit, JMeter and Selenium to test our web checkout options.

Want to avoid website redirections with minimum code? We have In-context Payments (ICP) for you: 

ICP got introduced to eliminate redirection from the merchant’s website and still avoid writing too much of code. It allows the merchant’s site pop-up a modal to make the payment. ICP has zero redirect flow. This works with Net Banking and 3D secure as well. The Net Banking and 3D secure authentication is done in the pop-up window instead of redirecting the user to another page. The In-context payments provides multiple advantages –

  • Uses advanced caching. Thus, save information and autofills information when modal is reopened.
  • Reduced payment failures
  • Save card details and allow faster conversions
  • Include few lines of code
  • Responsive customizable design

Create your own seamless payment experience with Citrus.Js (Merchant hosted Checkout): 

Make your customers be at ease by zero redirections. Design the payment experience in your own branding style. In Citrus.js you only need to add the pre-written code with just changing the account specific details. Citrus.js adds up the convenience with –

  • Payment experience in your own brand guidelines
  • Zero redirection
  • Enables running offers like discounts, coupons, cashbacks
  • Enables recurring payments
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies

Mobile checkouts:

Quick Android Integration? Plug-and-play SDK

Set up payment processing in your native android with just few lines of code. The plug-and-play SDK requires you to only start the payment flow. The SDK comes with various pre-built UI. Yet, the plug-and-play SDK can be customized to the merchant’s need.

Customized Android Integration? Citrus Android API SDK

Build your own native payment processing experience, customized to your brand guidelines. Under the Android platform we use Bintray and Crashlytics for testing and beta distribution.

Customized iOS Integration? Citrus iOS API SDK

Create payment experience on your native iOS app using the iOS API SDK. It allows you to enable all payment gateway functionalities, designed to your style guidelines. The automated testing of the iOS SDK is done using Calabash.

Third-party platforms

CitrusPay supports multiple e-commerce platforms like Opencart, Ubercart, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magneto, WooCommerce, Zen Cart, J2Store etc.

We provide plugins to enable payment processing through Citrus Payment gateway. The plugins come with instructions to set up the payment gateway on the platform. The payment gateway integration mostly is available on the platform’s dashboard. The users only need to enable the plugin and enter the keys of their merchant account with Citrus Pay. These plugins are are basically Citrus Hosted Checkouts. Therefore, during the payment process the user is redirected from the e-commerce store to CitrusPay website for payment completion.

Stuck somewhere in implementing the code? Get it solved in the CitrusPay Developer Forum