Bon appétit @ CitrusPay

It has happened to us all the time: We enter our office at 10 a.m. with incredible enthusiasm, only to find ourselves burdened by heaps of workload and later seduced by our colleague’s tiffin or a takeout lunch by 1.30 p.m. We usually think why is it so hard for us to choose a safe yet healthier option? When we don’t have anything healthy in hand, it becomes more difficult to avoid outside unhealthy food.

Here’s some thought for you, we keep ordering from the same nearby restaurant or a small joint since many months. The best alternative available is re-heating our very own ghar-ka-khaana. Let’s be honest, it’s not nearly as same as eating freshly cooked, hot, delicious food, plus it’s a head ache getting up early in the morning and preparing a full packed lunch; so what you would get in your tiffin is a sandwich or a minimum lunch that won’t even fill your tummy. Your lunch can get a little repetitive (not to mention that your meal of choice probably won’t help you power through your work loaded afternoon).

What you really need is a healthy lunch that’s easy to prepare, filling and packed with nutrients that boosts your energy to motivate you to carry us through the day. Oh yeah—and preferably tasty. Deep down, you know the truth: Any lunch that’s served hot will taste 100 times better than the slimy chopped salad or hotel food you’d end up buying. Also, you save your money for your booze for the weekend party.

Impossible? Not for CitrusPay Employees! So let’s forget the unhealthy/frozen meal, and enjoy one of these tasty, healthy, and easy options. CitrusPay provides the most amazing lunch for its employees which is prepared in the office and served hot and is pocket friendly. We have an in-house cook for this utmost purpose. She is not just a cook but also one of the most important part of our CitrusPay family. She cooks in a manner that suits everybody’s taste buds with special menu on Fridays. She prepares the food in a manner that the most hated veggies (Karela, tindli, dill, lauki etc.) also becomes finger licking good. 

People here look forward to their lunch and who wouldn’t? As soon as the lunch starts there is a que of employees at the kitchen door waiting for their turn to come. Everyone is supposed to take their food coupons as soon as they enter the office. It also makes people come early to the office to get early tokens. We firmly believe in the saying “the family that eats together, stays together” plus advantages of being:

• budget conscious
• nutritious
• quick bite – saves time for the super busy ones!


  • @Jignesh Patel
    Nice one… stay healthy live healthy..!!

  • Archita 12 May

    Superb!!! Very well written n it virtually took me to Citrus kitchen.. Looking forward for more such blogs.. ???? Best luck n god bless keep writing!!

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