payment gateway common errors

!404 – Error Found

“To err is human; to forgive, divine”

Software are constantly improving towards perfection. The improvements are to an extent also associated with resolving various errors and bugs in the softwares.

There are predefined error messages which are common. These might prop up during an ongoing transaction or in the integration process.

User-generated Errors

Txn cannot be authorised – Transaction not authorised due to wrong OTP or Password

Transaction cannot be honoured since VBV authentication failed – Transaction failed  due to wrong password or OTP

Not Captured – In Sufficient account balance; CVV, Expiry or 3D Pin/OTP entered incorrectly

GW00853-Invalid Card Number – Card number is wrong

GV00004-PARes status not successful – 3D secure authentication not completed on the 3D secure page

GV00008-Signature validation failed – 3D secure not matching

Merchant-generated Errors

E5009: Invalid Digital Order-bad or too many DO parameters – Merchant transaction id length issue

Rejected by Payment Gateway – Payment gateway limits the amount of transaction. The merchant cannot surpass that.

Denied by risk – Transaction denied due to security or because transaction amount less than the minimum bank payment gateway level.

Bank-generated Errors

Invalid ECI value received – Invalid ECI (Electronic Commerce Indicator)* value received by issuer bank

Rejected By Acquirer – Card is rejected by the issuer bank

Card Bin Stop Listed – BIN series (first 6 digits of card) is blocked by acquirer bank

Developer-generated Errors

Invalid signature key – Wrong keys used. Test keys work in sandbox/test and production keys work in live/production environment.

Merchant mandatory custom parameter missing – Mandatory custom parameters not received.

Merchant mandatory standard parameters missing – Mandatory standard parameters not received.

Paid transaction exists – Duplicate transaction request on single transaction id.

Transaction failed! Please verify payment settings – Missing features in the account plan. Check the admin dashboard for available features. Get in touch with onboarding team for help!

*ECI – Electronic Commerce Indicator : ECI is the message code used by the Access Control Server (ACS) to update if the payment is success or failure. ECI codes differ for every card association i.e. Visa, MasterCard etc.

Card Related Errors

Card related errors are around errors like –

  • Invalid Card Number
  • Invalid Card Expiry
  • Invalid Card Member Name
  • Invalid Secure Code length
  • Incorrect Securecode
  • Expired Card
  • Instrument or card not supported by merchant
  • Card number not numeric
  • Required parameter missing
  • Restricted Card
  • Too long name on card passed
  • Stolen Card

Authentication Related Errors

Authentication related errors arise in the two-factor authentication process. The errors can be –

  • Transaction cannot be honored since Verified By Visa authentication failed
  • Unable to authenticate
  • PARes status not successful
  • 3D secure authentication failed
  • Invalid OTP
  • ACS Digital Signature failed
  • Incorrect PIN
  • Authorization Pending
  • Unauthorized request
  • Required Parameter missing
  • Cardholder not enrolled
  • Format invalid
  • Allowed number of attempts expired

Currency Related Errors

We allow merchants to accept payments in multiple currencies. With a feature, there definitely are a few errors that can occur –

  • Merchant doesn’t support currency
  • Currency for related txn is different from root currency
  • Invalid Currency

Payment Rule Related Errors

There are some rules that either the banks implement or the payment gateways. These rules are applied on the merchants and decided based on their size of business. These rules help bank or the payment gateways monitor that no fraud transactions are done by the payment gateway. Some of the errors that might occur due to Payment rules –

  • Transaction ineligible to be processed as a rule
  • Monthly outgoing amount limit reached
  • Exceeds withdrawal frequency

Risk Related Errors

  • Denied by risk

Insufficient Funds Related Errors

This one is only raised when the user doesn’t have sufficient balance in their account.

  • Insufficient funds

Timeout Related Errors

  • Session timed out

Amount Related Errors

These errors might come up because of incorrect entry from user or merchant’s side.

  • Invalid amount
  • Invalid amount, no decimal placement
  • Amount not supplied

Transaction Related Errors

Transaction related errors will request the user to try again in sometime. These errors crop up due to these reasons –

  • Transaction could not be processed
  • System not available currently
  • Invalid page response code received
  • Error while encrypting code
  • Error while reading data
  • Error while writing data
  • Required element missing

Duplicated Transaction Related Errors

As the name suggested, these errors are thrown to eschew duplicate transactions. Reasons could be –

  • Successful payment already done
  • Duplicate request for same transaction
  • Duplicate merchant transaction id
  • Sum of related transaction is more than original amount
  • Transaction already in process. Nesting transaction not supported

Cancelled Errors

These errors are caused by the end-user operations.

  • User cancelled the transaction
  • Transaction cancelled because browser back button pressed by user

Transaction Rejected Errors

The issuing bank is the one with whom end-user has an account.

  • Transaction rejected by the issuer as invalid data was posted
  • Transaction rejected by the issuer as the user was inactive

Permission Related Errors

Permission related errors can occur at multiple points and because of various reasons.

  • Transaction not permitted at the terminal
  • Transaction not permitted to the cardholder

Other Errors

There are several reasons which might throw errors. These are mostly technical errors. Some of them are –

  • Failed to access WSDL. This could be because of numerous reasons –
    • Connection refused
    • HTTP 504 – Gateway timeout error
    • Failed with broken pipe
  • Communication system malfunction
  • Signature mismatch
  • Cut-off in progress
  • HTTP Transport error
  • HTTP Status code – 406. Not acceptable
  • HTTP 404 – Not found
  • HTTP 503 – Service not available
  • HTTP 502 – Bad gateway
  • Input/Output error – These can also be caused due to different reasons like –
    • Connection refused
    • Connection reset
    • No route to host
    • Incorrect header check
    • Unknown compression method
    • Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream
  • Transaction not found
  • Unspecified failure
  • No reply from bank
  • No response received when sending transaction
  • Terminal alias is required
  • Payment ID not numeric
  • Certificate Chain validation error
  • Message element not defined as a message
  • Required element missing
  • Invalid Tranportal ID
  • Invalid transaction error
  • Database error
  • Missing Transform algorithm
  • Invalid merchant
  • Unsolicited reversal
  • This can be because of following reasons –
    • Field data is incorrect
    • Hash not match
    • Transaction could not be processed through acquiring system
    • Session expired
  • Bad transaction status
  • Invalid input field
  • No checking account
  • No such issuer
  • Transaction processing error

Errors as frustrating as they can be only help us make better systems. CitrusPay is consistently working towards improving its products. Making the products more robust as a system overall and for the developers and end-users to use.

Don’t let errors slow down your development cycle. Get them resolved at the CitrusPay Developer Forums


  • nithin 06 Jan

    iam getting an error
    ‘Error in making payment request.’
    What is the issue related to?.


  • Rahul Kumar 07 Feb

    I am getting an error in test environment as ‘FSS0001-Authentication Not Available’ when checking the transaction on merchant login.

    could anyone tell me what is it and why am i getting this issue

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