How do we Secure Your Payments?

Money is the biggest asset and moving the money on the internet securely is a major focus of several organizations at various levels of the fintech industry. Right from the customer to merchant to payment gateways to card associations and banks. Everybody implements various methods to keep the payment process fool-proof. Customer to Merchant The 

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#UpStart 5 – Hiring for Startups.

Hiring the right talent can make or break any young startup. Early employees greatly impact company culture. For any entrepreneur, identifying and hiring their first employees is one of the most important decisions they will ever make CitrusPay has always been known for its awesome team: a team that works hard and parties harder! Hear 

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Breathless 72 hrs

What a whirlwind 72 hours. Started with 36 hours of continuous negotiations and deliberations between the lawyers leading to a landmark transaction in Indian FinTech. Jiten and I had invited our wives to join us in this special time. But they ended up getting on their work computers while we sipped coffees and the lawyers 

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